Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 2, Page 5 – Worthington, Charles

SKETCH OF CHARLES WORTHINGTON 1778-1833 born in Harford Co., Md. at his father’s home “Worthington’s Dividend” mar. Hannah Sarah Yellett born in Yorkshire, England on 2 Feb. 1789 – died in Harford Co., Md. 1833. Issue: Mary Hollingsworth 1807-1885:unm; Henry HollIingsworth 1808 1842; Elizabeth Yellott 1810-1867 mar. George Dulany Fitzhugh; John Yellott 1811-1878 mar. Margaret E. Coale; unnamed infant 1813; Charles 1814-1876 died without issue; Frank Hollingsworth 1816-1892, mar. Anna Husband Coale; Hannah Priscilla 1818-1886 mar. brother-in-law George Dulany Fitzhugh; George Yellott 1819-1888 mar. Elizabeth Trimble Coale; Dr. Hattersly Ponteffract 1821 1858 mar. Mary Catherine Murray; Anne 1823-18__[1] died unm.; Ellen Coale; 1825-1890 mar. Dawson Blackmore; Sarah H. 1827-19__[2] died unm.; Isabella Cassandra 1830-1831; Octavia Rachel 1830-1831

[1] Note: “_” Information unreadable

[2] Note: “_” Information unreadable


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