Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Time Travel!

My Friend, Randy Seaver at the Genea-Musing blog, has posted his weekly Saturday Night Genealogy Fun Challenage. I think that I am up for this one.

Randy says:
It’s Saturday Night, time for some Genealogy Fun after your frustrating week of finding phantom ancestors in online family trees and trying to keep up with everybody on Twitter, Facebook and Genealogy Wise.

Here is your assignment for this Saturday Night (if you decide to accept it, of course – you can’t have fun if you don’t try):

1) Let’s go time travelling: Decide what year and what place you would love to visit as a time traveller. Who would you like to see in their environment? If you could ask them one question, what would it be?

2) Tell us about it. Write a blog post, or make a comment to this post, or on Facebook, or in Genealogy Wise.

This is not the first time that I have referred to my Grandfather, for whom I am named, and his younger brother, Josiah Wistar Worthington, and their sister. The year would be just before their father and mother died, so that I could have met them, in their home in Kansas. I have pictures of that farm and my cousin sketched the buildings on the farm. I would like to hear the stories of my Great-Grandfather’s adventure in the Civil War. I do have copies of the letters that he wrote home. So I have some idea about his journey. I only wished that I could write as clearly has he did and this clarity in his story.

My Uncle could tell of his story of being held Captive in World War II, later in life. Not once, but twice. Like his father, he wrote letters home, and they are now a book that his daughter had published. “Hell and Beyond, A diary of War and Captivity, Joshiah Wistar Worthington Col. V.C., U.S.A. – 09496″, compiled and edited by Frances Worthington Lipe.  [ ISBN 0-615-13239-1 ]

But the real story, would be that of three young children’s train ride to Philadelphia, PA, in a baggage car, with name tags on their toes.


One Response to Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Time Travel!

  1. DianaR says:

    Wow – sounds like there are MANY stories to tell! I would love to hear more about that last one – tags on their toes?!?! Oh my.

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