Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 2, Page 3 – Worthington, Rezin Hammond

Rezin Hammond Worthington

Rezin Hammond Worthington 28 June 1794-1881 S/O Thomas and his second wife Marsella (Owings) Worthington. Thomas, his father, was the youngest son of Colonel John and Comfort Hammond, whose brother was Rezin Hammond, and for whom Rezin probably named and not for his father’s first wife who was also Elizabeth Hammond. (no relation)

Rezin was married twice. (1) Rachel Shipley, on Jan. 1823, she died when but seventeen years of age. (2 ) Mary Shipley b. 28 March 1816-1854. Rezin and Mary are both buried in the private family cemetery. On Rezin’s stone is the following Inscription, “Forgive them Father, They Know Not What They Do”. By his first wife, Rezin had only one child, Thomas Chew Worthington. By his second wife he had nine children, four sons, and five daughters. This branch of the Worthington family burial plot has been known in my family since its beginning – there are fire generations buried there and Thomas (grandson of Capt. John) is buried between his two wives Elizabeth Hammond (mother of Reuben, and grandmother of Henry Gaither Worthington) and Marsella Owings, the builder of Chapels.

Rezin Hammond Worthington, lived in Harrisonville, Md. He first attended school in Frederick Co., Md. returned to go to school about five miles from his home in Baltimore County, Md.

During the Civil War, he was a prominent Democrat, and in 1864 was arrested by The Federal Military Authorities, and was incarcerated for a period at Fort Dix in Woodstock, Md.

He volunteered in the War of 1812, while at the time recovering from a broken leg, but left for Baltimore, in defense of the city. He was later discharged for his health.

Rezin’s estate was thirty-five hundred acres, which was in the northern part of the district of Baltimore County. He was a fine example of the old school gentleman. Our grandmother, and great grandmother (Francis Elizabeth Glenn) remembered him well and told many stories about him. Many years ago we lived in his old home and estate – the house is still in use.

The Mt P aran Church is built on part of his old estate, and there are several of his descendants buried there.

Submitted by Bette and Frances, whose duty it is to take twice a year the Confederate Flag to be placed on Rezin’s grave. We have never been able to find any descendants of this branch of the family. We would like to show them where their ancestors are buried.


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  1. Hi. My wife is Norah Worthington, a descendant of Thomas Worthington through his first wife, Elizabeth Hammond. We visited the Worthington Family Graveyard yesterday. It is in a rather sad and neglected location. We would like to find out what you know about other Worthington graves. We saw the location of the Marcella Chapel, now bulldozed for a driveway, and there seem to have been many graves and at leasr one mausoleum there. Specifically, we are looking for the graves of John Worthington, Jr.(born 1793 & died about 1862) and Penelope C. D. G. Cockey Worthington, his wife (born 1808 & died 1841). Thanks for any help or advice.


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