Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Which genealogist would you like to meet?

My friend Randy Seaver at posted this challenge:

It’s Saturday Night – time for more Genealogy Fun!

It’s been a really fun Saturday for me so far – I’m at the SCGS genealogy Jamboree while you’re reading this, and I’ve been talking to over 30 genealogy bloggers, attending the Bloggers Summit, enjoying the exhibits and several classes, and tonight is our Geneabloggers banquet hosted and arranged by Thomas MacEntee at the hotel.  (wish I had been there)

But this is about you – here is your SNGF assignment for tonight:

1) Identify one genealogist that you would like to meet. The person could be living or deceased.

Actually, I have two, unfortunately they are both deceased.

Hiram Deats (1810 – 1887) of Hunterdon County, NJ

Milton Rubincam

2) Why do you want to meet with this person?

Both were noted genealogist, in their time. Hiram Deats was a very important person to preserve the History and Genealogy of Hunterdon County, New Jersey. It appears that I am related to Milton Rubicam. I keep running into material he wrote, especially when I am working on my mother’s family (Strode).

3) What would you talk about? What questions would you ask this person?

I am doing some research on the Deats family in Hunterdon County. I have taken a number of photo’s of Deats headstones and have posted them on Find-A-Grave for other researchers. My real question would be, were there TWO Hiram Deats, born in 1810 in Hunterdon County.

In one of the Cemeteries, there are two Deats Family Plots. It might be interesting to hear the stories about why the two.

I would like to have more information on the Strode Family that Milton Rubicam had researched and gather more information about that family in Chester County, PA. I have found lots of information about a lot of Chester County residents, dating back into the founding of that county, but would like to talk more specifically about his research on this family.

4) Write about your choice on your blog or in Comments to this post.



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