Celebrate Your Name

Another Genea-Blogger – Celebrate You Name Week –  has suggested that we post information this week on our Blogs.

March 2 – Namesake Day: Today is for thinking about where you got your name and if you were named after a particular person, place, etc. Also, to identify (e.g., via a search engine such as Google) people with the same name as yours, if any.

As I am “the III” or 3rd, I know who I was named after. My Dad. He was named after his Dad. From my birth until my grandfather’s death, we lived on the same farm. Where the name came from wasn’t important until I started to do Family History research.

Over time, I learned to ask the question, “Where did that name come from?” I have researched back to about 1650 to know where my surname came from and a couple of generations later my first name appears in my direct ancestors line. I haven’t found, what I would consider, at least at this point, where the Worthington Surname came from in England. There is a lot of guessing, but I am not going to guess, but continuing to reasearch.

So, where did my middle name come from? The reality is that I was reminded of that bit of information when I was doing some research in the 1900 Census, looking for my Grandfather. I knew where he lived, found the stories on how he got to New Jersey from Kansas, but he did not show up in a search for Worthington. Then I realized that his grandmother re-married. Checking on her new married name I found who my Grandfather, Father, and myself were named after, or at least our middle name.

I have a Bible that was owned by my great-great-grandmother’s second husband which has his name written inside indicating his birth in Dublin, Ireland.

There is a picture of my Grandfather on this Blog.

Using your favorite Search Engine, you’ll find names of towns, a couple of Companies, and a number of famous people. The 4th Governor of Ohio was Thomas Worthington. A mechanical engineer will also be found. Henry Rossiter Worthington developed an engine that powered the first submarine. His son created the first gang lawnmower. But these are other stories for a later time on this blog.


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