Carnival of Genealogy – 62nd Edition – 3 Wishes

Dear Genea-Santa,

This is my first attempt at a submission to the Carnival of Genealogy.  The topic for this edition of the Carnival Of Genealogy is: 3 Wishes!

The instructsion are to make a list of 3 gifts you would like to receive this holiday season from 3 of your ancestors. These have to be material things, not clues to your family history (we’re talking gifts here, not miracles!).

  1. A copy of the Newspaper Article about 3 young people, 2 brothers and a sister arriving in Philadelphia by train, from Kansas, but no one met them.
  2. The letters that my Grandfather had in a box from various family members over time.
  3. Time to display the “stuff” from my parents ‘corner closet’ that was always in their house. I have a corner closet from my grandparents out, and want to display the gems that were in my parents closet. Its our history and links to my ancestors.

Thank you,


2 Responses to Carnival of Genealogy – 62nd Edition – 3 Wishes

  1. Janet Iles says:

    I hope your wishes come true, especially the time to display the stuff. It is important for us to honor these special items.

  2. Bill West says:

    Welcome to the COG! I’ve enjoyed looking over your blog!

    Bill West

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