Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 1, Page 3 April 1983 – Worthington, John

Sketch for John Worthington: b. 1696 England. He came to Pa. from Lancashire with his two brothers, Samuel and Thomas and arrived in Pa. about 1699. His father died at sea. John Worthington was a Quaker. He married Mary Walmsly in 1720. They had 11 children. The tenth child was Benjamin Worthington b. 19 Dec. 1742. John Worthington lived in Byberry, Pa. He was a farmer.


3 Responses to Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 1, Page 3 April 1983 – Worthington, John

  1. Cheryle Worthington Moore says:

    I am a descendant of John Worthington and I am trying to find out his father’s name that died at sea. Also his mother’s name. I have all the genealogy completed back to 1697 in Lancashire England, any information would be greatly appreciated! I have been trying to locate his parents for years, this is the first I heard of his father’s death at sea. Thank you,

  2. Cheryle Worthington Moore says:

    Has anyone been successful in John Worthington’s line back to Lancashire England in 1697? Any information would be greatly appreciated. I had a lot of ancestors that lived on Byberry Rd.
    Thank you, Cheryle

    • Russ Worthington says:


      There is a project going on, they may be able to make that connection for us. I haven’t seen it yet.

      The problem is the number of John Worthington’s and other Worthingtons from Lancashire England in that time frame.

      There is a book that is currently being written for the 17th Century Worthingtons. I have not seen that connection, yet, in the information I have received.

      I am keeping an eye on this one.


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