Worthington Descendants Newsletter Introduction

Starting about 1983, there was a series of Worthington Descendants Newsletters. The Editors were Betty Brengle-Poole and Frances Epler-Brengle of Baltimore, Maryland.

As there is a wealth of Genealogy information on the Worthington Surname in these Newsletters. I hope to be able to add to this Blog the articles that were included.

I will attempt to report the Volume and Number for each of these newsletters and the date or approximate date of each newsletter. There are pictures in some of them, but they are in such poor quality that it won’t be possible to include them. If I do have an image that may be close, I will include them.

I might point out, that most of the information in these newsletters did not include any Source Citation information. That is, they were not documented well. As time permits, source citation will be added in Comments for the blog entries.

“Worthy To Bear The Dignity Of Ones Ancestors”


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