Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 3, Page 2 1983 – Worthington, Thomas

November 30, 2009

Note: We have many subscribers who are from the same branch as Governor Thomas Worthington of Ohio formerly from Virginia. But as you know that one of our subscribers Ms. Mary Ann Brown is curator of Adena, Thomas Worthington’s old home? Ms. Brown has been researching the Worthington surname for some time. Visit Adana Ms. Brown is always happy to greet a Worthington Descendant – The Editors.

Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 3, Page 2 1983 – Worthington, Samuel

November 30, 2009

Chronicles of Oklahome

Location of the county seat of Jonesboro was accomplished by a board of commissions after Shawneetown had to be abandoned because it had became Indian Terretory Oct. 22, 1832. Thomas P. Esdridge, a Judge had before him Wm. Collier, Chs. Burkham, Travis Wright and Samuel Worthington, commissioners appointed by the Act of the legislature of Arkansas to locate the seat of government of justice in the county of Miller Co. Arkansas and more distinctly to define the county borderline

Contributed by Mrs. J.W. Devlin Rt. 1 Depout, Tx. 75435

Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 3, Page 1 1983 – Worthington, Joseph Muse

November 30, 2009

Extract from “The Medical Annuals of Maryland 1799-1899. Worthington, Joseph Muse, 1898. Born at Belvoir on the Severn River. Anne Arundel County, Md. Dec. 16, 1846 educated at the School of Letters and Science University of Maryland and in the Maryland Agricultural Colleges Ph. G. Maryland College of Pharmacy 1868, pupil of Dr. R.N. Smith M.D. University of Maryland 1872, in 1873, suggested general bovine vaccination and in 1877 suggested contagious and Infectious: Disease Act for the Public Schools Health Officer of Anne Arundel County and Physician to the County jail 1892-1900; in 1872 invented anesthesia table, and in 1876 a prescription counter: practice at Annapolis, Md.

Article: Submitted by Miss Margaret Muse Worthington, Annapolis, Md. (Her father)

Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 3, Page 1 1983 – Greetings

November 30, 2009

Worthington Descendants
“Worthy To Bear The Dignity Of Ones Ancestors”

Bette Brengle-Poole
Frances Epler-Brengle
6619 Pheasant Rd. Rt. #16
Baltimore, Md. 2I2220

Volume 1 No 3


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