Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 3, Page 3 1983 – Worthington, Elliot

December 1, 2009

Worthington-Elliot – Mary Worthington b: 8-18-1721 at Stonington Conn, at Killingworth, d. at Killingworth, Conn. on 6-28-1785, married 2-14-1745 to Aaron Elliot 3-15-1718 Killingworth, Conn d. Killingworth, 12-30-1785 Aaron Elliott appointed Judge of Probate Court District of Guilford, Conn. May 1779. Patticot – purchasing agent for supplies – Town clerk – Town Registrar. Judge of the Court of Probate for the District of Saybrook (now in Middesex[1] C. Conn.) May 1781, the years insuing[2], also May 1781, Judge of the Court.  Ref. Colonial Records of Conn. p. 223-225. He was Capt. Major and Colonel Militia companies in the French and Indian Wars, Vol I pages 201-202, Hist. Of Eastern Conn.


1. Hannah 8-31-1846 m Reuben Hopkins

2. Mary 7-11-1752 m. Dr. Christopher Ely

3. Samnel Smithson 7-2-1753 m. Margaret Williams, Sarah Bailey

4. William 6-23-1758 m. Ethelrude Ely

5. Aaron 8-15-1758 m. Glorianna Austin (sister of Moses and cousin of Stephen of Texas fame)

6. Joseph 11-9-1760 m. _____ McKinster

7. Benjamin 12-9-1792 m. Frances Panca

8. Elizabeth 12-9-1762 unmarried

[1] Editors Note: Per document


[2] Editors Note: Per document

Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 3, Page 4 1983 – Tracing Given Names – Francis

December 1, 2009

Tracing Given Names in the Family.


Francis Worthington 1616-1655 father of Capt. John Worthington

Francis Worthington brother of Capt. John

Francis Elizabeth Glenn (Bessie G.) grandaughter[1] of Ann H. Worthington

Francis Elizabeth (Epler d/o Margaret Snead and William Epler

Francis Theresa (Brengle) d/o Francis (Epler) Brengle and Charles Brengle and w/o John D. Ryan

[1] Editors Note: Per document


Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 3, Page 3 1983 – Embarkation

December 1, 2009

Research by Editors

Peter Worthington age 27 b. 1804 – England. Embarkation: Liverpool, England May 1831 arrival: Charleston, S.C. June 1831

Richard Worthington – England (no age mentioned) Embarkation: Liverpool, England May 1824 arrival: Savannah, Ga. July 1824

Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 3, Page 3 1983 – Immigration and Passenger Lists

December 1, 2009

Submitted, Mrs. Edwin Victor Moore, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Editors notes: Mrs. Moore has been most kind and helpful sending research records on Conn. Worthington’s and descendants. Thank you “Our long lost cousin”.

Immigration and Passenger Lists,

Monty Worthington (no age mentioned) 1620-1650 arrived in New England.


Richard Worthington (no age mentioned) arrived in Virginia (1652)


Editors note: We have done extensive research for the ship taken by our ancestor Capt. John Worthington 1650-1701. So far we have found no trace. We would appreciate any help anyone can give. Our next try will be British Ports of embarkation.

Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 3, Page 2 1983 – Worthington, E. B.

November 30, 2009

Article – The Daily Gazette, Sterling Rock Falls, Ill. Wednesday July 21, 1976

Submitted by: Mrs. Emaline Denning, 807 Ave Rock Falls, Ill. 61071

The Worthington’s were among the first early settlers before 1840. Mrs. E.B. Worthington taught the first school in Harrisbury[1] in a frame house. A lot was given for the location of school. The first pupils were William Kilgour with his sister Nancy Jane. Afterward Mrs. John Crawford, four of the Bush family and a nephew, a brother of Charlie Worthington who was our editor for many years Charlie married Fanny McCartney and lived in the old first ward many years. His father, one of the first settlers kied[2] in those very early days.

The E.B. Worthington’s moved down from the upper town to broadway and as they thus lived outside of either town, Mr. Worthington was the postmaster.

Later, Mrs. Worthington’s daughter Annie taught school.

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[2] Editors Note: Per document


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