QUERY: John William Worthington (1759-1827)

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Hi, I am the 5th Great Grandaughter of John William Worthington b 1759 VA d 1827 Newberry SC, married Elizabeth Davis. I was hoping to see if anyone knows whether John was a Rev. War Patriot or perhaps his father was, Samuel Worthington Sr. Both of them have dates of birth and death of that period of time.

I am in the DAR and got in through the James Spearman. James’s son Francis Spearman was married to the daughter of John William Worthington, Margaret Worthington (1794-1882 married to Francis Spearman).

Thanks in advance for any information you could give to me!

Kerrville, TX

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2 Responses to QUERY: John William Worthington (1759-1827)

  1. You are looking at Loyalists.

    John Worthington son of Samuel Worthington and Hargaret Rutherford
    born 2 Jan 1754, Hampshire County Virginia
    died 15 Feb 1827, Newberry, South Carolina
    married c 1795 Newberry, South Carolina
    Elizabeth Davis daughter of Chesley and Mary (Tate) Davis
    born 17 Aug 1765, Bedford County, Virginia
    died 20 Mar 1833, Newberry, South Carolina

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